PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT: Magic X-Ray Markers will never share your email address, phone number, or credit card information with any unrelated 3rd party except as necessary to fulfill transactions that you initiate. When you buy something from Magic X-Ray Markers, your credit card information, name, billing address, and the amount of your purchase will be shared with your credit card company to verify and authorize the purchase. Your name, telephone number, and shipping information must be provided to third party shippers such as UPS, Federal Express, and the United States Postal Service to deliver your purchase. There also may be instances in which Magic X-Ray Markers drop-ships orders directly to you from one of the affiliated manufacturers or suppliers. These drop-shippers are only given your name and postal address for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order.


INFORMATION COLLECTED FROM ORDERS: When you place an order, Magic X-Ray Markers uses a secure order form which requires you to provide contact, billing and financial information. This information is transmitted to your credit card company to authorize your purchase. All information obtained from you in the course of transacting orders is used for the purpose of fulfilling your order in a timely manner and for communicating the status of your order with you. Magic X-Ray Markers will never share any telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or credit card information which you have given with marketing partners or any unrelated 3rd party.


LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROTECTION OF USERS: Magic X-Ray Markers will release personally identifiable information to law enforcement organizations, but only when advised by our attorneys that it is appropriate for Magic X-Ray Markers to do so to comply with the law. Magic X-Ray Markers will also cooperate with law enforcement investigations and comply with court orders or subpoenas to protect its legal rights or those of its customers, or when it is  believed that it is needed for fraud protection.


SECURITY: Your name, your personal information, and your credit card number are never stored on the Internet with Magic X-Ray Markers' system. Once you type in your information, it's sent instantly, encrypted, from Magic X-Ray Markers' web server directly to its order processing system which is on a server that has no connection to the internet. Your information is never stored on the web server or on any server connected to the internet. As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers: Name Shipping/Billing Address Email address Phone number Credit/Debit Card Information.